3 New Year’s Resolutions Every Guy Should Make

January is cathartic.

While the world doesn’t really change at midnight on New Year’s Eve, we all feel something different. There’s a sense of change, a thirst for progress, and a desire for growth we fight to embrace.

At the end of it, we’re left with a single question: what if you could be a better version of yourself?

There’s no time better than now. Take five minutes and compile a list of ideas. Put it somewhere visible. Feel free to share it or change it. Make it work for you.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Learn Something New

There are physical, physiological and psychological benefits to learning. Our brains are healthier, our lifespans grow longer, our moods get better, and our self-esteem increases. Trust me. Google it.

If you’re stumped for ideas, subscribe to a newsletter from a nearby library, museum or university. There are always lectures, discussions and courses open to the public. Something should pique your interest.

Websites like Groupon, Tuango and LivingSocial can also be a great source of inspiration (while lowering your investment requirement). You’ll receive special offers relating to fitness, wine appreciation, photography, scuba diving, langugages – the list goes on and on.

Read more. For news and events, subscribe to the Twitter feed of a magazine or network.

Remember, the activity itself doesn’t have to be life changing. The fact that you’re committed to learning already is.

2. Live Healthier

(1) Drink more water.

(2) Get at least 7 hours of sleep.

(3) Buy a foam-roller (and use it).

(4) Don’t let yourself sit for more than an hour without moving or stretching.

(5) Walk.

(6) Eat vegetables.

(7) Get a massage.

(8) Spend more time with family and friends.

(9) Eat breakfast.

(10) Get outside every day.

Friends and family are a fantastic resource, so enlist them. If “real” family and friends aren’t practical, use social media networks (I recommend Fitocracy).

Consider a consultation with a trainer. These won’t break the bank and can streamline your workout, getting you on the right track. Regular appointments with a trainer may also be useful, and are not as expensive as you think (we recommend our health/fitness experts at Razor’s Edge Performance).

See your doctor, and ask for a workout plan. Look at your family’s health history. Learn about the effects of your genetics. Most women appreciate a man who looks after himself.

3. Give Back

Have a cause? Run a 5k, volunteer at an awareness event, fundraise on campus, or walk in a parade.

Have specialized knowledge? Donate your time to a professional service organization like Doctors Without Borders or Habitat for Humanity. Join an in-school tutoring programme like Big Brothers or Big Sisters.

Have an affinity for a specific group? Many shelters, homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities have volunteer programs.

Don’t have much time? Keep it local. Your neighbourhood probably has a soup kitchen or community centre that needs help.

Written by CAVE contributor: Diana Badri


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