5 People You See Partying On Halloween

“lets get drunk and be somebody.” – Tobey Keith

That’s pretty much Halloween in a nutshell. And without fail, you are certain to see these 5 people partying on Halloween.

1. Sexy Kitten – Sexy Kitten, it’s been 364 days and now we are set to meet again. Every single year I see the Sexy Kitten prowling the bars looking for Catnip. She’s in all black, whiskers drawn on, and she’s wearing ears that she bought at Spencers earlier that day. I don’t have anything against the Sexy Kitten other than its lack in originality as a costume.

2.The Guy Dressed Up as Woman – I don’t know how I feel about this costume, it usually makes me laugh initially, then it transitions to creeping me out as the dude wearing the dress gets intoxicated and tries to hit on women. I mean hey, to each their own, it’s just not for me.

3.The “Cool” Guy Who Doesn’t Dress Up – I hate this guy, he is the guy who ruins Halloween. This is one time where you can dress up and act like someone completely different and get away with it because you are wearing a costume you put together, presumably a few hours before. It’s acceptable to be slutty, nerdy, and to get down wearing an animal costume without it being weird. The guy who doesn’t dress up is afraid of looking like an idiot, but without dressing up he ends up being the biggest idiot at the bar. Women want guys who can tastefully laugh at themselves, not the guys who post up at the bar and jaw-flex every time a girl walks by.

4.The Guy Whose Costume Is Borderline To Good – I love dressing up for Halloween, but I dress up knowing by the end of the night my costume will probably have turned into a complete mess. I am okay with it, I am committed to this costume for one night and I expect it to be ruined by the morning. There is always the one guy who spent upwards of $100 on his costume and you can tell. Last year I saw a guy dressed as Shrek and I immediately looked for a donkey to start talking because this guys costume was so good. If you have the time and money, then all the power to you! Just don’t break the bank for a costume that you aren’t willing to break and leave outside a bank.

5. The Group Costume – When a group of friends can actually coordinate a group costume it is a thing of beauty. This can range from a 70′s basketball team, a Rock band, the Jamaican Bobsled team, or the Ninja Turtles.  You might think that some of the group costumes are played out, but there is a reason that you continually see Mario and Luigi and that’s because it’s a sick costume!

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