5 Ways To Be More Productive At The Gym

productive at the gym

Are you struggling to make the most of your time in the gym?

If so, this article is for you.

Yes you, whether you’re a new member or a regular gym rat.

Our new fitness expert, Zak Kolkowski, has given us 5 Ways To Be More Productive At The Gym.

1. Know your workout

Learn your workout. Memorize it. Make an acronym or mnemonic if you have to. Just know what you have to do.

Know what your exercises are, how many sets and reps you’re supposed to be doing, and how much rest you need between sets.

Carrying around a piece of paper or book isn’t necessary (and frankly, it can be a hassle). But make sure you track your progress.

Just not with a training log that resembles an Encyclopedia Britannica.

Or an iPad… never an iPad…


2. Understand your program

A good program is suited to your needs, schedule, abilities, and goals. If you’re following a well-designed program, every exercise has a purpose.

There’s also going to be a reason behind the number of sets and reps for each of them. Understand your program, and don’t deviate simply because you “don’t like it”. It’s there for a purpose.

With that being said, don’t force yourself to wait for equipment. Unless you’re training for something very specific, there’s a good chance you can substitute a different exercise.

Which leads us to…

3. Know alternative exercises

This is probably the single most important point for 90% of people (particularly if you’re working out when your gym is busy). The last thing you want is to show up after work on Monday and wait three hours to get a bench.

Know the alternatives*.

Are you supposed to do bench press? All the benches are taken? Jump on the incline bench or grab some dumbbells. This will minimize your time at the gym, and lead to greater efficiency.


*Bicep curls are NOT an alternative for squats.

4. Avoid socializing

First and foremost, the gym is not a place to chat with friends or hit on girls. That’s what bars are for.

If you’re at a commercial gym (or even a school gym), you’ll find a lot of people love to socialize. It’s a major time vampire and can ruin your workout (particularly if you’ve only got a short period of time).

You don’t need to be a douchebag, but avoid getting trapped into conversations.

This also means leaving your cellphone in your locker.

5. Know why you’re in the gym

Not everyone is after a world-record in the deadlift or bench (nor are they looking to step on stage in a banana-hammock).

You’re at the gym for a specific purpose. So, what is it?

Whether you’re looking to improve performance or just get in shape, it’s important to always have the “why” in the back of your mind.

This helps you stay focused and offers gratification as you achieve the desired results.


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