7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Lawyer

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While in university, you’ll hear many first-year students talking about their future aspirations. Heading off to law school, graduating and hitting the corporate world is romanticized by TV shows such as Suits. Becoming a lawyer in the real world is much different.

To contribute to today’s article, we’ve got prominent Vancouver attorney, Wes Mussio, writing the 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Lawyer. The list is presented below.

1. Expect to work long hours and have the business inundate your life

When you’re passionate about your work, expect it to dominate your life. Being a lawyer is one of the most time-consuming professions in the marketplace.

2. Do not expect to have time away from files/ the office even on vacation

Your files/cases will become your life. Even when you’re on vacation it’s important to be accessible – you never know when an emergency can erupt.

3. Expect to receive personal attacks by other lawyers and clients

Thick skin is something every lawyer has to develop.

4. The governing body of your state/province is not necessarily your friend

Your governing body will not always have your best interests at heart. Over time you’ll learn how to navigate the murky waters of your state/province governing body.

5. Judges can sometimes be very rude to witnesses and lawyers

For the most part, judges are very professional and fair; however, be prepared to run into the occasional judge who is just flat out rude.

6. Having lawyers for friends is not necessarily a good thing as it’s nice to have separation from the legal community during social events

With the nature of this profession being so time-consuming, it’s important to step away from it whenever you can. Get a hobby outside of law, and develop friendships outside of the law community – it will bring some semblance of balance to your life.

7. You should expect to be marketing yourself constantly at every social event.

This means knocking your elevator pitch out of the park. You shouldn’t be going to social events only talking about yourself, but when someone asks you what you do for a living it’s your job to make a memorable impression.


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