8 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do

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Though we live in a world driven by technology, there remain a few skills every man must have.

These skills won’t win you a Nobel Peace Prize, but they are invaluable. They are the skills your father taught you, and that you will one day teach your son.

Here at CAVE, we’ve actually done full articles on some of the skills listed below (click the links to read the full pieces).

Without further adieu, we present the 8 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do.


1.Change A Tire

Changing a tire

This is one of those skills you won’t realize until it’s too late. You won’t be changing tires weekly, but at some point in your life – you’re going to get a flat. You need some idea of what you’re doing before you crush your hand, and lose all masculinity.

2. Put On A Condom


First, commit to wearing one.

Unless you want to be teaching your son this list in the near future, you should know how to put on a condom. Pinch the top as you put it on. This will stop any air bubbles from forming and decrease the chances of the rubber breaking.

3. Public Speak

Barack Obama

Many people balk at the idea of public speaking. They fear the thought of a crowd, with every eye staring up and judging. Yet, public speaking is an important skill in the pursuit of success. Continue reading…

4. Tie A Tie
Green Tie

There is no app on your phone that will tie your tie. Whether you wear them every day or only at weddings, it never hurts to know how. In fact, you’re a grown man. You need to know how. Continue reading…

5. Work Out
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Your rocket-fast metabolism won’t be around forever. Not only should you go to the gym, you should have some idea of what you’re doing once you’re there. Find your fittest friend and tag along with him. You’ll pick up tricks and before you know it, you’ll be a gym master yourself.

6. Build A Fire

build a fire

Nothing says “manly” like building a fire. Our ancestors did this to survive (all with no lighters or kindling). You should know how to put one together for your next camping trip, even if you need lighters and newspaper to get it started.

7. Manscape
steve carell2

This is a skill every guy learns through trial and error. It’s 2013 and it’s no longer acceptable to let your body hair run wild. Buy the gear, read the articles and get it done. Continue Reading…

8. Manage Finances
Flava Flav

A broke man is an unhappy man. Look, we get it. Being smart with your money does not scream “manliness”. But being able to buy expensive scotch, live in a nice place, and pick up the bill – that’s manly. Continue Reading…


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