ASUS U38DT Ultrabook Review

ASUS U38DT ultra book

Being a man on the move, there’s a good chance you have to lug around some sort of laptop which usually tend to be heavy.

That or a tablet of some sort.

Luckily (and thankfully), the recent advent of “ultrabooks” is starting to replace those brick laptops with lighter, nearly as powerful equivalents.

This is where ASUS introduces their new laptop the U38DT, part of the U-Series, and shows us exactly why they call them ultrabooks.

The Look

ASUS brought out their A-game with the design of the U38DT.

Even if you see pictures of the laptop online, it would really not give its premium look any justice.

With only 6mm of thickness in the front, this ultra-thin laptop also has a stunning and durable aluminum frame.

But my absolute favorite part of this laptop, is the fact that it weighs less than 3lbs.

To make a comparison, that is less than my tablet plus it’s cover which is mostly a machine for browsing and flinging homicidal birds at forts.

That being said, there is literally only one thing I would change with the look of this laptop; it needs a lot less bezel around the screen.

Under the Hood

The U38DT is called an ultrabook, but could also be called a deceptive power-house.

Under the insanely thin exterior, the laptop features an AMD Trinity A8 2.4 GHZ processor and an onboard memory up to 4GB, all connected to a A70M chipset.

It’s also important to mention, for such a tiny laptop, it has a whopping 500GB hard-drive.

All techno-babble aside, the insides of the laptop all work together to create a smooth and streamlined experience which especially makes Window’s 8 a beautiful sight to see.

Thanks to the 1GB of dual AMD Radeon graphics card, the visuals on the laptop really pop.

The operating system, videos and photos look amazing on the laptop, but thanks to my trusty Steam account, I made a little show and tell of how good one of my favourite (and graphically intensive) game looks.

The Skyrim Test

Even in 2013, this is a graphically intensive game that demands the best out of whatever it’s being played on.

Check out how Skyrim looks on the laptop, running at medium setting and 50 – 60 frames per second.






All technical’s and looks aside, end of the day, it’s all about how the laptop fairs outside of the office and on the field.

Luckily, the U38DT excels in being the lightweight laptop/son I always wanted.

I took the laptop to school, but the best test was on the road (or in this case, a subway).

Having such a lightweight laptop, easily allowed me to pull it out and work on testing its capabilities through word-processing and gaming.

This test on the road was extended thanks to the laptop’s 7-hour battery life, less of course depending on what you’re doing.

Closing Comments

ASUS has created an amazing laptop for a great price (starting around $700, depending on the specifications you purchase), that allows an alternative to those bulky laptops.

It is the perfect mid-point between the portability of a tablet, and the power of a standard sized laptop.

Throughout the process, the laptop felt premium and did not cut any corners.

Even the packaging and content that came with the laptop was amazing; a sleek black box which came with its own leather/nylon carrying case for the laptop.

In the end, ASUS has done a great job for a laptop that is the perfect example of money well spent.


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