Body Hair and Why She Cares – Man-Scaping 101











Before you have the opportunity to take your shirt off with a lady friend, or before you unbutton the 3rd button on your dress shirt you have to ask yourself, “have I ‘manscaped’ appropriately?” Things us men find to be minor with regards to our body hair, a woman can find to be a major turnoff. The sad part is, most men could easily avoid turning off women by taking care of their body hair. It’s not even, the little bit of stubble on your face; it’s what it signifies. Being well dressed and well groomed, shows that not only you care about how you look, but that you are willing to pay attention to detail. Women see these things, they notice when a guy needs a haircut, or if his back hair is starting to look like Velcro. Before putting any of these plans into action you will need to pick up yourself a good razor and a buzzer.

Lets start with identifying the problem areas:

  • Back of the Neck Hair
  • Neck beard
  • Chest Hair
  • Shoulder and Back hair
  • Uni Brow
  • Your Downstairs

How to deal with Each Area:

 Back of the Neck Hair – These are the hairs that have stepped over the caution tape where your hairline should end. As much as these hairs suck, don’t attack them alone. You will need either the help of a friend to take them off with a buzzer or if you have 2 mirrors and are crafty with the buzzer. Taking this hair off makes wearing t-shirts that much easier and doesn’t give her a reason to tell you don’t take care of yourself.

Neck Beard – Beards can be attractive to women when handled and maintained properly. A neck beard that attachs to your chest hair and your behind the neck hair is not sexually attractive. In fact it just makes you look like the descendant of a Sasquatch. Grab yourself a razor and some shaving cream and clean up all the hair under the chin.

Chest Hair – Contrary to what any cougar tells you, chest hair is not attractive. You’re not David Hasselhoff and real life isn’t bay watch. You should buzz your chest hair often (depending on its growth rate 1-2 times weekly).

Shoulder and Back Hair – You already know how hard it is to wash your back correctly in the shower, so why would you attempt to shave it yourself?  This is probably the only area on your body that I would recommend you get waxed. It will hurt for 20 minutes and you will feel slightly less masculine for the next hour, but you don’t have to be concerned about shampooing your back. So just get it done.

Uni brow – You will not get laid with a Uni Brow. I don’t have anything else to say about that. pluck it, get them done, do anything to get rid of that giant line across your forehead.

Downstairs – This part of your body is the part that you should pay the most attention to for obvious reason.  I’m not going to get into details, just keep it together down there, she doesn’t want to feel like she’s living in 1972 every time you sleep over.



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