CAVE Fall Fashion Guide 2013

Purcell shoes

No matter how much we fight it, summer is coming to an end.

A few months from now, the temperature will drop, the leaves will fall, but we’ll finally have something to watch on TV.

At CAVE, we’ve put together a guide to your wardrobe this fall.

And the best part? It’s (almost) all under $100.

Converse Remastered Jack Purcell Sneakers 

Converse.Jack Purcell

Fun Fact: Jack Purcell was a top Canadian badminton player, and the first person to ever have a pair of Converses named after him.

$70.00 at JCrew

Tommy Hilfiger Academy Flat Front Chinos 


These form fitting chinos are the perfect in-between of casual and fitted style.

$58.00 at Tommy Hilfiger

O’Neill Captain Ahab Hooded Shirt 


In addition to its namesake’s reputation, this O’Neill hoodie has a great two-tone colour.

$54.50 at O’Neill Clothing

H&M Duffel Jacket 


Everything about this jacket is stylish; from the form-fit to the wooden toggles, to the drawstring hoodie. This jacket looks light, and looks cool. When you consider the price, this is a great fall jacket.

$79.95 at H&M

Billabong Baldwin Wool Jacket


Billabong offers a stylish varsity jacket for those wanting to add an edge to their style. There is another grey option, but the orange/black combination will make you stand out beside those lemmings wearing all black, everything.

$110.00 at Billabong

RW&CO Long Sleeve Heather Gingham


Regardless of the weather, you always need a good set of shirts. Whether it’s for dating, work or just wanting to look good; every guy needs a set of shirts like this. It’s an easy pick.

$59.00 at RW&CO

ZARA Cardigan with contrasting cuffs



ZARA is offering a great cardigan this fall (something every guy should own). Compared to traditional sweaters, cardigans have a bit more of an edge. But it has to fit; a baggy cardigan is just a giant hoodie that’s been gutted.

$49.90 at ZARA

Oakley Frogskins 



The Frogskins from Oakley may not be as useful on those dark fall days, but look damn good regardless.

$110.00 at Oakley

Fossil Machine Three Hand Leather Watch


As cliche as it sounds, we really don’t have that much time in our lives. This fall, I’m staying away from flashy, chunky watches and going with more of an Indiana Jones, adventurer style watch.

$105.00 at Fossil

Fossil Clyde Bifold Wallet 



This fall, go out of your comfort zone and get a wallet that’s a bit more colourful. The Clyde’s two-tone design adds a visual flair, bringing sophistication to your style.

$45.00 at Fossil

Stussy Big Crown Tee


Graphic tees are always a good thing (as long as they’re not Ed Hardy). This graphic tee from Stussy (one of the best graphic designers in the business) offers something dependable. Sure, its notthe most cold-friendly piece on the list, but you can layer it well.

$24.00 at Stussy

Billabong Jasper Update Backpack



This backpack is style and substance for a great price.

$54.00 at Billabong

O’Neill Sealed Hat 


This snapback is a great summer/fall transition piece that should remind you of days on the beach. If you have to wear a hat, make it stylish as hell.

$32.00 at O’Neill

Billabong Flip Crew Neck Fleece Pullover 



Billabong here, making cool shit to keep you warm this fall. This fleece pullover is perfect for those unnecessarily cold offices or walks to the nearest building with heating. Pair this under the H&M jacket from before, and you’ve got yourself a look.

$65.00 at Billabong

GAP Vintage Leather Belt



Keep your pants up in this stylish, vintage belt from GAP. This subtle, clean design keeps the belt from being an eye sore, and gives you more of a presence with your overall look.

$39.95 at GAP



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