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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with 27-year-old Toronto musician Danny Fernandes to discuss his upcoming album (Breathe Again), sex, drugs, partying, and women. Our discussion is presented below.

1. How did you get started in music?

I’ve been dancing my whole life, basically since the age of six. I did that professionally for 20 years. At one point, I actually did background dancing for  Aaron Carter.

In 2003, I was touring with my brother (as a background dancer) and just eventually thought “fuck this shit, I want to do my own thing.”

So, we put together my album Curious in 2003, and it somehow leaked in Germany. Not long after, a German club promoter hit me up on MySpace and said he wanted to bring me over to tour. At first, I thought it was a joke, but I eventually went over and toured Germany four times over three months.

In 2008, I came back, and got the record done properly (with Juelz Santana on it). Before long, every station in Toronto was playing it and I started talking with CP Records. We got a deal done, and that was it.

2. How did you hook-up with Juelz Santana?

I was in Atlanta for the NBA All Star Game (my brother was singing the anthem), and he was sitting courtside right next to me. I told him I had a record and he gave me his manager’s contact. I e-mailed the manager, and he told me it would cost $10,000 for Juelz to spit a verse.

They didn’t think I was serious, but because I made so much money in Germany, I sent him $5,000 right away. He sent back the verse, I sent the rest of the money, and they sent over a contract.

3. Your latest album Breathe Again drops on August 27th. What’s different about this album compared to your previous work?

I actually wrote this album. The other records were basically given to me by the studio. This time, I flew to LA, [and] worked on the album for a year. I wrote the treatments for all the videos too. It’s a big change. It’s pretty much a different style of music.

4. The album’s first single is titled “Overdose”. Tell us about it.

It’s about having too much of someone. I was engaged, and after six months of it, it broke off. But I gave five years of myself to that relationship. If it didn’t end, it would have killed me. I couldn’t focus on anything. I had to choose my career or the girl, and I wasn’t going to give this up. There’s millions of girls out there.

So, that’s pretty much what it was. I was overdosing on that.

5. Any advice for our readers?

Make your money and set up your life, then worry about girls. Trust me, they’re going to be there. It’s going to happen when it’s supposed to.

6. Music seems to be shifting from drinking and women to molly and drug abuse.  What do you think about that change?

I’m the type of person that does whatever I want. You can’t tell me not to do something. I’ve done drugs. I like to party and drink. I’m not going to lock myself in the house.

7. Where do you get the inspiration for your music?

It took seven months for this album, and most of the inspiration came when I broke up with my fiancé. I was out every night getting wasted or high with different girls, for basically five months straight. I needed to stop it, but I also needed it to get over the situation. In the end, it didn’t really help.

So, I moved out to LA to focus, and used all of that garbage to write an album. Looking back – the choices might have been bad, but it was fun.

Danny Fernandes - Danny Fernandes8. Is it difficult to be a Canadian musician?

Whether it’s rap, pop or rock, the music scene in Canada is amazing.  The thing is, there’s so much in the States, so if you don’t have something different, they don’t need you.

It’s harder to make it as a Canadian musician, but I honestly don’t care. I don’t make music to be famous. I make it to make music. And to party a bit.

9. Any suggestions for picking up women?

Don’t try. Always be honest. Never lead them to believe something will happen.

The way I am, realistically, if you’re coming to my house at 3 AM, it’s not for video games. Just say it like it is.

Take it or leave it.

The other thing is, I would never date a girl I meet at a club, especially one who will sleep with me the first night.

Also, wrap it up.

10. What do you hope to accomplish with this album?

I want people to know that I’m a real artist. I can actually sing, write and put on a show. I can entertain.

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