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In life it’s all about balance. We run around consistently trying to find the right balance between our careers, personal endeavors, health and relationships. It can become so easy for us to focus too strongly on one aspect of our lives and leave the others to fall behind. This is why CAVE magazine was created; to give men a place where they can find everything they need on women, sports, style, entertainment, advice, health and fitness.

When building the CAVE team we knew it was important to involve talented authors who could each bring a fresh perspective on men’s lifestyle. We wanted fresh perspectives, but we also wanted different perspectives to allow our readers to get varying opinions before forming their own. I also thought it to be crucial that the CAVE team was composed of young and motivated people who share similar lifestyles to that of the readers. For more information and individual bios click the “About Us,” link at the bottom of this article.

Readers, you are what motivates us to write quality articles that relate to your lives just as much as ours. We invite your opinions on our articles, as feedback will only allow us to produce more quality articles. We want to hear your ideas about anything you feel could be CAVE related; if you have article ideas, criticisms or just general comments please post them on the site, follow us on twitter @CAVEmag and comment on our Facebook wall.

CAVE is here to do something special, from the initial conception, to the hours of meetings, to the launch of CAVE, the vision has been clear; Canadian males want something they can relate to and are a part of shaping. We are constantly looking for feedback to make this the complete men’s online magazine.

Hope you enjoy CAVE.



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