CAVE Movie Picks – July 19th, 2013

The Conjuring

In terms of movies, July has done us well.

If you’ve recovered from the explosive action of Pacific Rim, you’ve got your choice of retired killers, freaky ass spirits, two Ryans and violence this weekend.

And hey, we’ll even throw in a supercharged animated snail for fun.

Here are the CAVE Movie picks for the weekend of July 19th


The Conjuring

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor.

Synopsis: Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are asked to help a family with a dark presence in their home. Based on a true story, the resulting ordeal presents the most terrifying experience of the Warrens’ professional career.

What We Think: What We Think: Summer seems to be a hotbed for horror films. Most of the time, we roll our eyes at the absurdity of the plots. This time, however, we may have a winner. If they truly rely on the authentic accounts (and keep the scare scenarios subtle, yet powerful), we could be looking at a new cult classic.



Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon and Mary Louise Parker.

Synopsis: The Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.) exists for one reason only: to protect the living from an army of angry souls who refuse to go away. Veteran sheriff Roy Pulsifer (Jeff Bridges) and his young partner (Ryan Renolds) must restore the balance between the living world and the afterlife.

What We Think: This looks like your standard “summer comic book adaptation”. Jeff Bridges’ involvement gives me hope, but don’t expect an Oscar worthy performance.


Red 2 

Starring: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Synopsis: The sequel to 2010’s Red, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his retired team of elite soldiers work to track down a missing portable nuclear device. Between assassins and corrupt government officials, Moses and team have to rely on old school charm, and their old school way of business.

What We Think: The first film was a sleeper hit. It’s a star-ridden action comedy focusing on retirees killing villains and seeking out a nuke. What’s not to like?



Only God Forgives

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Luke Evans, Kristin Scott Thomas and Vithaya Pansringarm.

Synopsis: Set in the bustling criminal underworld of Bangkok, Julian (Gosling) is an American drug smuggler using a boxing club as a front. His American mother arrives to receive the body of her murdered son, and demands retribution. In order to do this, Julian must eliminate corruption in the city.

What We Think: This movie looks stylish and action packed. It also marks the reunion of Gosling with director Nicolas Winding Refn, who worked together in Drive. I expect a chilling thrill ride through the Bangkok underworld.



Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Luis Guzman and Bill Hader

Synopsis: A young snail succumbs to a freak accident, which inadvertently gives him incredible speed. With the new power, he embarks on a new mission to compete against the best that Indy Car has to offer.

What We Think: With all the action, gore and horror coming out this weekend, it’s nice to have a nice little escape. Plus Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) makes an appearance. As a snail, of course.


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