Don’t Be That Guy

At Razor’s Edge Performance, our main focus is usually on developing athletic performance; but like every other guy out there, we still want to look good wearing a wife beater or no shirt at all. Pretty much every guy wants to develop massive guns and that’s pretty obvious if you’ve ever stepped into a gym, any gym. The problem is, most guys are going about it completely wrong. Don’t be THAT guy.

If you’ve ever done more than 1 TYPE of curl during a single workout, you’re being that guy. If you’ve ever done more than 1 type of kickback or triceps press in a workout, you’re being that guy. The truth is, if you want bigger bi’s or tri’s, you need to put on mass in your entire upper body. If you get bigger, you’ll look bigger. Isolation exercises will not do it for you. Here’s something to try.

For the next two months (a great way to finish the calendar year), try replacing every set of curls with a set of chinups or pullups. If you’re doing more than 5 sets of curls, this amount of pullups/chins will do as much or more for your biceps, give you an iron grip and give you a back as thick as a mcdonalds milkshake. Ok, that’s a bad example, but it’ll be pretty jacked. You’ll be crushing people with your handshakes and filling out a shirt like never before. Alternate between chinups and pullups, as the chins will hit more bi’s and upper back and the pullups (overhand grip) will work more brachoradialis and lats. Studies have also shown that chinups even have noticeable pec activation. So ditch the curls until new years and start pulling yourself off the ground.

Now to the other half of the upper arm, the triceps. The kickbacks and cable extensions aren’t going to get you huge. Ya, I’ve seen Jay Cutler do them to but he’s also got an intense “vitamin” protocol and probably does 1000 sets of bench press first. Instead of isolation tricep exercises, switch all those sets you would’ve done with dips or close grip bench (that means 14″ between hands or less). If you dip as many reps as most guys do extensions then not only will you have a killer horseshoe going on, but your chest and shoulders will also be seriously chiseled. Your bench will be stronger than ever even though the goal was giant meathooks.

I don’t know many guys who actually have jacked arms, so most of you guys have no reason to ignore this article. Do yourself a favour and until December 31st, make the changes I’ve stated. January 1st you’ll wake up and realize you’ve turned into a monster.


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