Drake – ‘Take Care’ Review


It’s finally here Toronto: Drake drops his sophomore album “Take Care”. Drake fans all over the world have been impatiently waiting for Nov. 15, since Mr. October’s Very Own November’s Very Own pushed his album back a month. I don’t think anyone really knew what to expect from this album. His debut album “Thank Me Later” was all over the place, and after hearing his first two singles “Headlines” and “Marvin’s Room” it looked like fans could expect the same. The album thus far has gotten a lot of mixed reactions but I’m going to give you my take on this “RnB” album track by track! But first let me explain the rating system of the CAVE.

For every album review we do we will rate the album out of 50. Five different categories, each scored out of ten adding up to fifty. So here we go!

Lyrics – What the artist is trying to pass along on this album. The word play as well as the content will all be taken into consideration.

Beats – Artists sometimes shine on a bad beat, and sometimes a beat outshines the artist. But good production is often what keeps a listener listening, so this is important.

Originality – Is this album bringing something new to the table, or is s/he bringing that nasty Thanksgiving stuffing that everyone else brings?

Consistency – Is this album put together well, does the music tell a story or are we just listening to fourteen singles?

Replay Value – Are listeners going to listen to this album and listen to it again, or are they going to listen to it and forget that it even existed on their iTunes?

Final Scores:

0-10 = Don’t listen to anything from the album

11-20 = Listen to it on Youtube

21-30 = Download a few songs from the album

31-40 = Download the whole album

41-45 = Buy the album

46-50 = The album is a “classic”


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