Greg Wallis “Works Harder”

CAVE: What motivates you to “work harder?”

Greg: It sounds funny, but I just want the world to be a better place. I want success to be the norm, and I want to eliminate the slacker attitude that exists today in which people are too scared to try new things due to the fear of failure. I’m willing to do whatever I can to help spread that message, and I view any missed opportunity as a loss – which from a sports background you know is painful!

CAVE: You are obviously proud of your product, but what do you think PS has to do to take the next step as a clothing line?

Greg: Our next big move is to have our own proprietary performance fabric. Under Armour has Charged Cotton, Lulu Lemon has Luon, and Nike has dri-fit. We are currently looking into some ways for our product to be truly unique without sacrificing function.

CAVE: You have a store in Victoria, are there plans to expand and add a second location in the near future?

Greg: Not yet. We want to grow online retail sales first.

CAVE: Can you explain your “Youth Academies” to me?

Greg: It started with basketball – we employ college and university athletes to travel with us in the summer and put on elite development camps for kids aged 8 to 16. It started in Victoria, and over the past 5 years we have added 8 more locations on Vancouver Island and Interior BC.

What makes us unique is that our entire program is created by players, which makes the learning experience for the kids much more positive. They are learning the exact skills that we have found helpful in our careers, and they are getting it from a source that they respect and look up to.

Two Years ago we started our Volleyball Academy, and have plans to branch into soccer next year.

CAVE: What gives you the most inspiration as PS moves forward?

Greg: The same thing that inspires me to “Work Harder”. I have seen the positivity that we can create for young athletes and I want to continue helping as many of them as I can. It is easy to get inspired when your job is to inspire others!

CAVE: Now to get away from PS slightly, what would your perfect “ManCave” entail?

Greg: In no particular order: Hot Tub, big screen TV, massage chair, my own basketball court and weightroom, Xbox, and a personal chef.

CAVE: If you weren’t the Director at PS, what would you be doing?

Greg: I honestly haven’t thought about it. I would definitely still be in the business world, but at this point I don’t have a Plan B. Plan A is just too important!

CAVE: Lastly, I’ve got to ask, Kobe or Lebron?

Greg: Lebron is a better athlete but Kobe is an absolute killer. I’d want the killer on my team.

All of us can “work harder” it is just a matter of will. Are you willing to get up earlier, run longer, and study more than the competition.

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