How To Throw A Sweet Super Bowl Party

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The Super Bowl is the highlight of the NFL season. It’s a great time for casual and hardcore fans to intermingle at someone’s house to enjoy the game and other festivities. If you are throwing a Super Bowl party for you and the lads, make sure to follow this step by step guide to ensure you’re throwing a solid party.

The following is an essential toolkit for any Super Bowl party.

The Single Best Super Bowl Mini-Game

Unless you are a massive football fan, enjoying the game is probably not enough for you.  So add to the excitement with my personal favourite Super Bowl game.  Tell everyone you are watching the game with to bring at least $20 in loonies and toonies (or George Washington’s for our American friends).

Before Kickoff, go around the room and have everyone pick a player on either team to score the first TD.  Every entry costs $1 into the pot.  Once everyone has selected a player, it is open for additional selections at $1 each.  Do the same thing for the first penalty called (i.e. Holding, Pass Interference, Offside, etc.).  As the game goes on, you will have to start new ones after each touchdown and penalty, but also start throwing out random bets such as:

  • Next play pass or run? (head-to-head)
  • Company producing next commercial

Get creative!  If you do it properly wagers will be thrown down every few plays and it creates a racetrack gambling environment, with relatively low stakes.


If it’s you and the boys, beer should be fine.  For every person you invite, you should have 3 beers for them.  If guys want to get hammered, let them bring their own supply.  Make sure the beer you provide is light beer (Bud light, Coors Light).  It’s a Sunday night and guys have to get up for work on Monday.  Give them the gift of a ‘lighter’ hangover.

If you are having females join the bromance, make sure you have something for them.  A bottle or two of wine, or vodka & cranberry juice is the least you can do for hanging out with girls cool enough to watch the Super Bowl.


Keep it simple.  The last thing you want to do is have pay the pizza guy when it’s 4th and goal.  If pizza is your game, order it an hour before kickoff so you can enjoy it during the pregame and set a nice base.  If you’re going with wings, grab a bunch from Costco (they’re delicious) and have the oven going as needed.  You need a bag of chips for every 3 guests.  Only legends get nachos/salsa. Also, a veggie platter from the local grocery store is required.


Put a case of water in the fridge.  With all the salty food, guys will get thirsty and ice cold water is not only refreshing but assists with that Monday morning hangover.  Have plenty of napkins.  Only invite people if you have a great seat for them.  Nothing is worse than showing up to an overcrowded Super Bowl party and sitting on the floor.  Get extra change/coins for the game because some degenerate will forget his/her’s.


Look, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to have some fun on a Sunday night.  Unfortunately, it’s also a dangerous night for drinking and driving.  No matter how short the drive, it’s dangerous to be behind the wheel.  RIDE programs will be out in full force.  Want a clever idea?  Collect $5 from everyone that comes through the door and say it’s for a surprise.  That money can be used at the end of the night to help pay for cabs for those who’ve had too many.


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