JaMarcus Russell Has Another Shot At The NFL

Jamarcus Russell Comeback

This Friday, JaMarcus Russell will be one of three quarterbacks working out for the Chicago Bears. For those who don’t know, Russell is arguably the biggest bust in NFL history.

Drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2007, Russell received the (then) biggest rookie contract in NFL history at $61 million over six years. Despite playing just three seasons, he walked away with a modest $39 million.

Russell is said to have lost over 50 pounds after training extensively under the tutelage of Jeff Garcia (former NFL QB).

Russell’s fault in the NFL was never his arm-strength. Rather, it was his inability to stay in shape and his abysmal quarterback rating (65.2).

Let us know what you think. Will JaMarcus Russell make an NFL roster this year? Or will he be destined for the CFL?


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