Latest Polls Reveal Republicans Prefer Superman To Batman

Should you vote?


Should you have access to polls before hand?

Most certaintly.

Should those polls have nothing to do with politics and more to do with laughter?


Either way we have gotten together with Cracked ( and used their poll information to define the personalities of Republicans and Democrats in a more humourus fashion than most are used to.

More than 12,000 people helped answer such crucial questions, such as – do Republican’s prefer the lights on or off in the bedroom? Star Wars or Star Trek? Superman or Batman?

According to their poll, Democrat males aged 18-34 are more likely to:

(1) prefer sex with the lights on.

(2) refer to soft drinks as pop.

(3) be Trekkies.

(4) prefer Andre the Giant to Hulk Hogan.

(5) prefer Batman over Superman even though Batman is totally a Republican (extremely wealthy, tough on crime, pro-Patriot Act according to the cellphone surveillance sequence at the end of The Dark Knight).

While on the other hand, Republican males are more likely to:

(1) prefer sex with the lights off.

(2) refer to soft drinks as soda.

(3) be Star Wars fans.

(4) prefer Hulk Hogan.

(5) prefer Superman.

Take the poll for yourself, and see the full results here:

Now this information may not be handy in helping you choose the next President, but it will definitely give you some insight into where Republicans stand when it comes to choosing between becoming a member of Star Fleet or a Jedi master.



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