Lean Eating: Lunch (Pulled Chicken)

Tasty and healthy!

One of the first things I do when training someone is request a food log. This does two things, it gives me an idea of what you’re doing right or wrong and it also opens your eyes to what you’re actually eating and drinking. The truth is, no one really understands how well they eat. A standard response, which comes from almost everyone, is usually: “I eat pretty well, but…”. What does pretty well mean? Realistically, people who are overweight usually underestimate how much they’re taking in and those who can’t gain weight overestimate how much they’re eating. In the end everyone acts stumped, as though it’s a mystery why they haven’t achieved their goals. “I just can’t gain weight and I eat sooooo much”. In the end, we all need to make better food choices. We’ve discussed breakfast, but lunch just might be the only thing worse.

You know you had this last week

Lunch is the one meal that almost nobody is at home for. Since most people don’t plan ahead enough to make their lunches in advance, they’re hostages to their environment. Rarely do I see people who eat out for lunch get “stuck” with extremely healthy meals, usually the opposite. No matter, I’m here to save you and your goals. I’ll give you one trick to help you get back on track for your lunches – a crock pot. It might sound like something your grandmother uses, but it’s more like a miracle for making lean meals. It’s like Ronco used to say, “just set it and forget it!”. It’s not just great for lunches, but you can set it before you leave in the morning and come home to an amazing dinner ready to serve. Enough about how good it is, let’s get to the good stuff: Pulled Chicken. I’m not sure if this is the exact name for it, but it’s very much like pulled pork. This shredded/pulled chicken can be put in a wrap with avocado, or a bun, or even on its own for a quick and easy lunch.

Tasty and healthy!


4 chicken breasts

1 large jar of salsa

1 lime

1 package taco seasoning



1. place salsa, taco seasoning, lime juice and cilantro in the crockpot and mix together.

2. cut chicken breasts in half (top/bottom) so that you basically have thinner chicken breasts.

3. place chicken in crockpot and smother with sauce.

4. turn on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. Once finished, use a fork to pull the chicken apart into its shredded final product.

This chicken is absolutely delicious and so easy to make. Once your chicken is done, place it in 1 large Tupperware or even individual sized Tupperware for lunches. Before you leave the house, grab the chicken, a couple small wraps and whatever healthy fixin’s you want to add. Looks like we just saved lunch, you’re welcome.


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