Manly Meals: The Montreal Omelette

What You Will Need


3 or 4 eggs
Smoked Meat
Cheese (preferably Swiss or Strong Cheddar)
Hot Sauce (optional)
Salt, Pepper


Cutting Board
Non-Stick Pan
Knife, Fork, Spatula
Cheese Grater (optional)

How It’s Done:

Knowing how to make a good omelet should be a key part of any man’s cooking game. Not only are eggs delicious, but they’re healthy, packed with protein and nutrients. They’re also incredibly easy to make and your wife/girlfriend/chick that spent the night with you will probably be pretty impressed that you know how to turn on an oven burner (or hot plate if that’s what you’re working with). Also, if you’re worried about the cholesterol, use four eggs, but take out two of the yolks, you won’t lose much flavor but you’ll cut the fat in half.

To start, cut your mushrooms into slices and chop up the smoked meat. If you got the meat in slices from a deli you can just tear it or cut it into smaller pieces. Shred or slice the cheese, or again if you have deli sliced you can keep the slices whole or break it up into smaller pieces. Melt your butter in a hot pan (it doesn’t need to be at Max, anywhere from 5-7 works best) and start cooking the mushrooms and smoked meat, you can add a bit of salt here if you like, but if you’re using salted butter you probably won’t need it.

Crack the eggs into a bowl, when the mushrooms are ready (they’ll turn darker and start to “sweat”) beat the eggs and pour them into the pan, you may need to add more butter to keep them from sticking. Add salt and pepper to your taste, spread the cheese around on top and then cover the pan.

If you don’t have a cover a large plate will work, but take it from me, don’t use plastic. The cover with help your omelet cook evenly and make it fluffier (i.e. more delicious). The stove should be hot enough that at this point you can pretty much turn the heat off and let the pan do its work. Check the eggs after a couple of minutes and fold the omelet if you want.

When it’s ready, slide your omelet onto a plate and enjoy

Bonus Tip: add more flavor to your eggs by stirring in your favorite hot sauce when you’re beating them. I usually use Sriracha (rooster sauce) to give my eggs that extra kick.

Bonus Bonus Tip: You can swap out the smoked meat for bacon. Chop the raw bacon and make sure it’s cooked the way you want it before adding the eggs or precook it in strips, chop it up and add it to the omelet as you’re pouring the eggs.


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