NFL Week 5 Predictions

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers

After a tough loss last week to the Falcons, the Panthers will be hungry for a win.  I think Cam Newton puts the team on his back and gets them one on his own.

Pick: Panthers

Chicago Bears @ Jacksonville Jaguars

If the Bears D plays like they did Monday night, they will find themselves deep in the postseason.  The Jags offense doesn’t turn the ball over, but they don’t make big plays.  Bears take this one with ease.

Pick: Bears

Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings

The Titans will be fine with Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback.  It seems as though Chris Johnson may have finally found his legs.  Christian Ponder has been a bright spot for the Vikings who must be taken seriously in the NFC North.

Pick: Vikings

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

For the first time in more than two years we get Manning vs Brady.  Take advantage of the opportunity to watch two of the all-time greats go head to head.  Honestly, we may not get many more of these.  The home field advantage is offset by the fact that Denver has a better defense.

Pick: Broncos

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers

The Bills travel across the country to face the best defense in the league.  They feature two running backs who are ‘banged-up’ and a defense that allowed the Patriots to run for over 200 yards.

Pick: 49ers

San Diego Chargers @ New Orleans Saints

Great scheduling by the NFL.  They knew if Brees was going to break Johnny Unitas’s record for consecutive games with a TD pass, it would be Week 5.  So they put him at home, on Sunday night, against the team that gave up on him.  The Chargers play better at home than on the road and if the Saints lose this one, they are going downhill with no brakes.

Pick: Saints

Houston Texans @ New York Jets

It doesn’t get much easier than picking the Texans, who’ve looked great, over the Jets, who’ve looked awful, on Monday Night Football.

Pick: Texans


Season Record: 35-28


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