So not being a member of Drake’s fan club is illegal in Toronto..

So Drake’s “Take Care” leaked, (I’m sure none of you would help my legal case, so I’m not providing a link) dude had his radio “takeover” and somehow during that, people have forgot how shitty Flow 93.5 actually is as a radio station, SMH! It’s evident that people in the city have an obsession with the kid named Aubrey though.

Why is it that out here in Toronto, that it’s taboo so for one to just view Drake as just “aight”?? I recall a few weeks ago, on his birthday, a good number of you ran to Facebook and Twitter, just to give a testimonial about how much he means to you, and profess your love him. Now, was that necessary?

I’m sure a good percentage of you will/have downloaded the leak, and still purchase it, and frankly, that’s your prerogative. But, I wonder, if Drake was born and raised in Philly, NYC or DC would the dickriding persist like in the city?

I don’t hate him, nor do I love him. He’s an artist, who makes music, some dope, some not for me. But it seems out here people have this idea that its a MUST to LOVE Drake’s music, and him as just as a person, and if you dont’, you’re a “hater”. That’s concerning. Like in the case of the many, many fans of Kardashian’s, it appears folks, can’t get through the deep influence of somebody they feel see on television.


He’s a recording artist from Toronto, who made an album, that leaked. Relax.

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