Top TV Shows that Ended Before their Time

With all the horrible shows on TV you are brought to ask yourself, what happened to that show you loved? Was it the ratings? Did a cast member go nuts? At CAVE we decided to put together a list of the best TV shows that ended before their time. Sit back, reminisce and remember the good things from these shows.

5.Freaks and Geeks(1999-2000) – Despite placing third on Time magazines list of the top TV shows of the decade (1990-2000), it was cancelled after only one season. The show follows two groups of friends going through high school during the early 1980’s – The Freaks and the Geeks. More specifically it follows the characters of Lindsay Weir and her brother Sam. Lindsay transitions from being very proper to a rugged teenager, finding her way into the “Freaks.” The characters in the “Freaks” were played by Hollywood A list actors such as James Franco, Seth Rogan and Jason Segel. Sam and his group of friends (Geeks) exhibit a much different struggle than the “Freaks.” The Geeks are bullied, and are trying to find their way through the social jungle of high school. The show had great acting strength, but the anchor of the show was the writing and producing power of Judd Apatow. The show was able to highlight many issues that the American teenager faces while being an outcast, but it does this with the perfect amount of comedy.

4.Deadwood (2004-2006) – This is the story of 1870 Deadwood South Dakota and its transition from a camp to a town. Many of the events in the show are based on truthful events that took place in real life Deadwood. Since Deadwood was an illegal settlement the show highlights the lack of rules and structure in the town. This lack of structure allows for gambling, prostitution and crime to ostensibly run the town. Like any good TV show deadwood encompasses mystery, romance, violence and creates ties to the viewer. It’s a shame Deadwood is a dead show.


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