What She Thinks About Your Drink

James Bond

If your team isn’t playing on the flat-screen at the bar (or even if they are) you’re probably there to find a girl.

You’re probably also decked out in a decent shirt, new shoes, and your favorite jacket. In your mind, you’re perfectly suited to make a positive impression.

Unfortunately, there’s something you’ve missed. After all, girls analyze everything.

This includes what you’re drinking.

Here’s breakdown of what us over-analytic girls are thinking when we notice what’s in your hand.



This is expected. If you’re drinking beer, you’re not mysterious. Instead, you’re reliable and relaxed.



Manly and authoritative, whiskey on the rocks looks good in a man’s strong hands. A potential suitor may wonder what else you could do with those strong hands (like fix her broken faucet, for example).



G&Ts are a total slam-dunk. You look approachable and comfortable, which immediately puts her at ease (she won’t think twice about making the first move). It also gives the impression you have a good job, and are well-off (wearing a suit wouldn’t hurt, either).



While it’s uncommon for men, it gives off a serious relationship vibe. You seem mature and confident, leading women to believe you’re a professional, capable of flying them somewhere warm for the holidays (even if you can’t).


Rum Diary

A man who drinks rum is a man who takes charge. You’re the creative type that keeps women interested and on their toes. The unexpected is fun and exciting – two words that perfectly describe you. She’ll dig the eccentric and impulsive side of you.



If you’re going to drink tequila –  always do shots. if you’re ordering a margarita or tequila sunrise, your chances with the opposite sex are next to nil. A man drinking tequila shots is the life-of-the-party, with an outgoing personality to match.



You’re bold and attractive. You’re also independent, which gives off mixed signals. Be careful, though. If she sees you drinking too much vodka, she won’t approach you (after all, she knows better).

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Written By: Aidan Ryan


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