Wrangler RED – Your New Favorite Pair of Jeans

The well known denim brand Wrangler® has just released their new RED collection into the Canadian market. We received some samples of the line earlier this month and, of course the quality was great, but more so after researching we found that these are affordable.

RED jeans

True to their name, they feature red pockets and accents throughout the fly/zipper.

Jimmy Shafer, vice president, VF Jeanswear Canada stated earlier this month, “After launching Wrangler RED line in the U.S. earlier this year, we saw an opportunity to provide the same high quality, fashion-friendly styles at an affordable price to Canadian consumers as well.”

The jeans are retailing around $30, making them a university student’s dream come true. They also come in four distinct styles, which your can see in the top image.


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